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About us

More 18 years ago we have created the family company with very important name for us – "LINA". This name of our mum and the grandmother which has established the present family, has enclosed in us all love and has brought up fair, decent and responsible.

Provision of clients by accessible electrotechnical goods was primary a main objective of the company. But, eventually, we have set for ourselves very ambitious task – to become the national supplier of electrotechnical goods and means of accounting of the electric power. And for this reason we have turned from the small family company to one of leading distributors of electrotechnical goods in the Ukrainian market. We have formed the present professional team.

We have established the partner connexion with leaders Ukrainian and world manufacturers of electrotechnical goods – SCHNEIDER, IEK, NiK, MOELLER, ETAL, DKC, ACKO, BILMAX, ENERGOMERA and others. We have started creation and development of own dealer network in all regions of the country. We aspire to provide you qualitative electrotechnical goods on maximum moderate price.
All goods offered by us is certificated on UkrNDNC and ISO.

We use the best efforts, that it was favourable and convenient to each consumer to cooperate with us. Constant research of the market of electrotechnical goods gives the chance to us to deliver that goods which is necessary for our partners and consumers.

Thanks to the debugged logistics, reasonable marketing and price policy, qualitative work with clients more and more the companies aspire to work with company "LINA".

For us it is very important, that you have always been assured of quality of goods acquired at us. For this reason we offer goods directly from manufacturers, or official representations in Ukraine. We support a guarantee domestic and world manufacturers of electrotechnical goods.

We want, that you always know, where can choose for yourself safe electrotechnical goods.


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